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   Testimonials Learning to sew reinforces math and reading skills as well as problem solving and creativity? Sewing is a skill that will last a lifetime. Here at The SewinCraft Studio we are licensed to teach with Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design; a nationally acclaimed sewing program for children and young teens, and Learn To Sew with You Can Make It; for older teens.  The Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design program provides a building-block approach to teaching sewing skills. Students build their skills beginning with the basics of how to read a pattern, pattern layout, pinning and cutting out fabrics. An illustrated workbook with multi-sized patterns is provided for each skill level. There are four kid-sized levels and two teen-sized levels of instruction. Capri pants, skirts, and blouses are just some of the workbook projects the students will be creating with their own fabric choices. Students sew at their own pace and usually complete a workbook in 9 months.
Advanced teens may continue building their sewing skills in our Teen Fashion Sewing & DESIGN classes which follow the 7 Level sewing program of Learn To Sew with You Can Make It. This program also uses a building-block approach to teaching sewing skills. Students will learn more detailed skills of garment construction and how to make alterations for a better fitting garment. All Levels have a coordinating booklet and use a DVD for an added teaching aide. It usually takes students 12 months to complete all 7 Levels, when sewing at least one garment per level.
SewinCraft Camps are also offered throughout the year for kids and teens ages 7-17. During these fun-filled morning programs, they will learn about creative sewing with mixed media for more crafty creations.
For those looking for hands-on instruction with their own sewing machine, we offer a one hour class, Let’s Begin Sewin.  This class will introduce you to the use of basic stitches, threading, and maintenance of your machine.

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Gift Certificates are available for all classes and camps.
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