Testimonial 1

Amelia Davidson, Age 16 –
“The SewinCraft Studio is much more than an amazing place. It’s a place of community, relaxation, and learning. Not only is Mrs. Nancy a great sewing teacher, but she is also a great role model and mentor. I’d recommend taking classes for anyone who even has a remote love or interest in fashion and the art of sewing.”

Testimonial 4

Lexi Murray, Age 14 –
“I love the SewinCraft Studio because we learn the proper way to sew and we get to make fun projects that I can wear. I love wearing clothes that I made to school! I also love picking out the fabrics for my own clothes. Our sewing instructor is awesome and teaches us the skills we need to know.”

Testimonial 3

Jaeden Wells, Age 15 –
“I learned to sew when I was young. I’ve always enjoyed making and sewing anything. The Sewincraft Studio has helped me to learn how to do so many new things. I’ve made a lot of cool clothes in this class. It’s so much fun!”

Testimonial 2

Demi Macadam, Age 10 –
“I think sewing class is fun. I’ve learned a lot of new things and feel smarter! Before, I didn’t know how to sew, do hemming, or even use a seam ripper. Thank you mom, Mrs. Nancy and all the girls in my class, especially Alexandra!”

Testimonial 5

Sophie Bentzel, Age 11 –
“I like my sewing class because I get to learn new things like making a T-shirt, jeans and a bag. I love using the serger to finish the inside of my clothes. Sewing class has also helped me in math because I’m so comfortable measuring things!”

Testimonial 6

Ella Johnson, Age 8 –
“I like to make my own clothes. Ms. Nancy is such a good teacher. I have so much fun at sewing class.”


Paris Fuller – Age 10
“I like sewing class because I like making clothes. I get to make clothes that other people don’t have because it’s my own design! I enjoy talking to my friends and Ms Nancy who is a great teacher. I also learn a lot of new skills from sewing class.”

Testimonial 8

Zoey Garcia-Shelton – Age 8
“In sewing class I get to learn and have fun at the same time. Our teacher helps us learn how to sew by ourselves. We get to make clothes that are really pretty!”